Community Stewardship

The BLD Manila District is governed by the District Council of Stewards (DCS) guided by a District Spiritual Director, who is anointed by the Archbishop of Manila. The DCS is composed of five Couple Stewards who oversee the five apostolates of BLD Manila. Each apostolate takes care of various ministries and homesteads within the community.

Evangelization – this apostolate oversees the Encounter Programs and Life in the Spirit Seminars of the Community, as well as the weekly Corporate Worship services. Under the Evangelization apostolate are the following ministries: Marriage Encounter Ministry, Family Encounter Ministry, Life in the Spirit Ministry, Praise Ministry, Liturgy Ministry, and Post-LSS Ministry.

Formation – this apostolate ushers members to a spiritual journey through teachings and various ministry exposures that will mold them to become committed members and, later, as covenant disciples of the community. Under the Formation apostolate are the following ministries: Teaching Ministry, Intercessory Ministry, Discipling Ministry, Word Ministry, Witness Development Ministry, and Coach Development Ministry.

Management – this apostolate ensures the proper administration of the resources and assets of the BLD Manila District. Under the Management apostolate are the following ministries: Service Ministry, Treasury Ministry, Secretariat Office, District Foundation, Management Service and Technical Group.

Mission – this apostolate conducts mission programs and outreaches that will assist poor communities and alleviate their plight from poverty. Under the Mission apostolate are the following ministries: Parish Services Ministry, Institutional Services Ministry, Poverty Alleviation Services Ministry, Mission Homesteads and Shepherds of Districts-in-Process.

Pastoral – this apostolate nurtures the members of the community through a Pastoral Care Program. Under the Pastoral apostolate are the following ministries: Pastoral Services, Youth Ministry, Singles Ministry, Solo Parent Ministry, Mark 10 Ministry and Counseling and Healing Services.

BLD Global Spiritual Director

His Excellency

Archbishop Angel N. Lagdameo

Archdiocese of Jaro

BLD Global Executive Council of Servant Leaders

Jimmy & Berny Ochoa


Efren and Vangie Fernandez


Ross & Dina Manlapat


Rey & Voleth Florogo


BLD Manila Spiritual Director

Fr. Victor C. De Jesus, S.J.

BLD Manila District Servant Leaders

Corky & Cherry Mallari

BLD Manila District Council of Stewards

Bong & Fannie Granada


Ariel & Alice Pastoral


Gene & May Mercado


Aman & Winda Piano


Bong & Andrei Cabrera